Friday, August 22, 2008


Come new semester and apart from settling down in insti with new courses, new profs, new freshies, often new rooms and an upcoming Shaastra; many also have to digest the fact that something new has to be cooked up for the looming Saarang applications. This piece being a wild & vivid instance of the what I the gaffer of all chefs combined(!) cooked up about Saarang, for Saarang but without Saarang! huh huhee hey hey hee hee haa haa!

"""A footfall of over 50,000; period of four days; music, drama, speeches, arts; fun, entertainment, IIT and blah! This is probably the best way to sum up Saarang for the world! For an insider, Saarang represents a lot more than the Queen’s song, “I want to break free” and from many others’ perspective than another of Queen’s track “We will rock you!” Saarang is a period of great emotional duress when campus rises up from all tech, all brains to spend months altogether preparing to celebrate an extended weekend... as some call it.

A period of no classes, no academics, no engineering designs but heavy mental trauma for an average IITian as it takes a lot to get used to the unusually high transient sex ratio with dance workshops being a test of every guy’s worth! The professional shows further anguish an IITian brain with swinging light music, swaying Choreo Nite, tempting Classical Night and the noisy headbanger’s paradise- the Rock Show being on offer. This confusion is only aggravated by a horde of speaking and literary events imposing an embargo on insti lingo. Such a state of bafflement is soothed only by the hard work and persistence of hundreds from the organising team who “put self-RG” to create the whole confusion in the first place!

Saarang leaves behind a nostalgia of sonorous and hued memories for some and soporific homeward journey for others but in unison nothing epitomizes the longing for next annual episode more than the vintage Hindi song, “Saaranga teri yaad mein...”"""